Female engineering talent

Identify more diverse future talent

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We are excited to have been awarded a grant from Innovate UK's Women in Innovation programme. We're inviting businesses that hire engineering skills to be part of our project. 

Our award from IUK will be used to identify and anlayse the flow of female engineering talent in the UK looking at aspects including the journey from education to professional role; career transition from industry to industry; and moves between companies.

We'll do this using our labour market analytics platform, Stratigens.

By identifying entry and exit points for female engineering talent, companies can solve talent pipeline challenges and decrease exit and attrition.

Would your company be interested in becoming a Stratigens client at a discounted rate in order to be part of this project?

  • Identify new engineering skills that your business will need and where they are located.
  • Define the skills you needs to support your transformation journey or gain competitive edge.
  • Support employer branding work to better target and nurture more diverse engineering talent.

Stratigens is the only labour market analytics platform that joins the dots between skills, location, and diversity so you know where people are with the skills you need and where you need to be to access them. See more or book a demo on our website www.stratigens.com

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